Fort McKay Elder holding blueberry flower Photo by Janelle Marie Baker
Fort McKay Elder with cranberry flower
Photo by Janelle Marie Baker

My research is on sakâwiyiniwak (Northern Bush Cree) experiences with wild food contamination in Alberta’s oil sands region. My academic work is inspired from doing applied research as a traditional land use consultant for First Nations in the region since 2006. I continue to be involved in community-based environmental monitoring (berries and wetland plants) projects with Aboriginal communities in Alberta’s oil sands region, which are funded by the Indigenous Knowledge, Community Monitoring and Citizen Science Branch of the Alberta Government. I am also working on new research that celebrates traditional foods and boreal forest identities. My specializations include ethnography of contamination, environmental and ecological anthropology, ethnobiology and ethnoecology, post-humanism and the anthropocene, anthropology of food, community-based research methods, political ecology, and ethnographic writing. As a female academic and a mother, I am also interested in feminism in academia and anthropology, and feminist research about landscapes and food procurement.

I am currently affiliated with the following projects:

Centre for Indigenous Conservation and Development Alternatives

Indigenous Stewardship of the Environment and Alternative Development

Cultural Politics of Energy in Northern Alberta

Alberta Indigenous Mentorship in Health Innovation

Workshop on Citizen Science and the Food System

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