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Photo by Dr. Sarah Walshaw

Photo by Dr. Sarah Walshaw

Since the completion of my MA in 2005 I have been working as a consultant to First Nations and Metis Locals in Alberta and Saskatchewan, supporting their traditional land use (TLU) and traditional environmental knowledge (TEK) assessments and studies and reviewing the TLU and TEK sections of Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs). The majority of my work is in response to the Federal Government’s legal “duty to consult” First Nations on the impact of natural resource extraction (largely oil and gas) on harvesting rights in First Nations’ traditional territories (Treaty rights). A major component of this work has been field visits with Elders and other knowledge specialists to places in their traditional territories to record information relevant to protecting these places from direct or indirect impacts from industrial development. I have loved every moment of being on the land with Elders and knowledge holders, but have been frustrated by the power dynamics in the process. This frustration has inspired my PhD research. Please see my special presentation at the 2014 MISC Petrocultures conference for more information on the problems with consultation in Alberta.

For more detailed information on the projects I have completed please contact me for my CV.

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