invited lectures

MISC Petrocultures Conference 2014


April 4, 2014 University of Calgary, Environmental Management Certificate, BMC 252: Environmental Issues and Canada’s Aboriginal Communities. Instructor: Carol Crowe. From Traplines to Pipelines

April 2, 2014 University of Calgary, ANTH 421: Contemporary Latin American Society. Instructor: Dr. Rita Henderson. From Traplines to Pipelines

March 27, 2014 University of Calgary, ANTH 399: Environment and Culture. Instructor: Dr. Naotaka Hayashi. From Traplines to Pipelines

McGill Institute for the Study of Canada Petrocultures Conference. February 6-7, 2014. Monitoring and Accountability. Available Online. PDF of Conference Program: Petrocultures 2014 Program

Marianpolis College, International Studies Certificate Speaker Series. February 4, 2014. From Traplines to Pipelines: First Nations Consultation in Alberta’s Oil Sands Region. Poster: Janelle_Poster-2

McGill University 3 Mins to Change the World Event. March 21, 2013. First Nations’ Indicators for Contamination in the Oil Sands. Available Online. Read Grad Life Blog.

The McGill Golden Key Fundraising Team and the Redpath Museum Club: Industry and Environment, Exploring the Oil Sands Speaker Series. November 30, 2012. Traplines to Pipelines: First Nations Living in the Oil Sands Region.

Strathcona Archeology Society. Guest Lecture. Community-Based Traditional Land Use Studies: Mapping and Trapping. February 16, 2012.

Red Crow Community College Ethnobotany Class, December 2008. Applied Ethnobotany.

National Energy Board Brown Bag Lunch, Summer 2008, Why Preserve Local Plants?: Indigenous Knowledge and Ethnobotany.

Guest Speaker for Alberta Women’s Institute Constituency Conference, June 2006. Albertan Waterscapes.

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