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Art by Janelle Baker (a different Janelle Baker!) http://janellebaker.blogspot.ca
Art by a different Janelle Baker!

I am currently a PhD student and Vanier scholar in anthropology at McGill University. My supervisor is Dr. Colin Scott and my research is on Cree perspectives on wild food contamination in Alberta’s oil sands region. I am a member the multidiscplinary research program on Indigenous Stewardship of the Environment and Alternative Development (INSTEAD) and the The Centre for Society, Technology and Development (STANDD) at McGill University. I am also a Warren Fellow at the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada.

I work as a traditional land use research consultant to First Nations and Metis and as an instructor in anthropology at Athabasca University. I currently manage a traditional environmental knowledge project for the Wood Buffalo Environmental Association (WBEA) where we partner with and support a group of Elders from Fort McKay to observe berry health and quality in their traditional territory that is impacted by oil sands development. I am also the student board member for the Society of Ethnobiology. You can sign up for the student listsev here: http://www.freelists.org/list/soe-students

I found the artwork above by just searching my name in google. What is amazing and bizarre is that the drawing looks JUST LIKE ME. I contacted the artist, with the same name as me (Janelle Baker), and I’m buying a print of the drawing – how could I not!?

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